What makes a good water park?

Today in Pakistan, there are hundreds of aqua resorts and water parks. However, if you want to stand out in the crowd when creating a water park, here are some tips to ensure getting off on the right foot.

1. Define your target groups

A water park will inevitably attract different target groups which can generate conflicts of interest if too mixed.

2. Propose innovative attractions

The public wants more than simple slides! By proposing innovating attractions, a water park extends its catchment area with an unstoppable sales pitch as it is rightly said it’s not a question of investing a lot of money, it’s a question of investing brainpower in good ideas.

3. Provide extra services

Developing extra services kills two birds with one stone – maximum influx of visitors and their richer experience.

Apart from this, in order to establish a state of the art water park, there is a need to work closely with the development team in the overall design of the waterpark and aquatic facilities including:

  • Master Facility Considerations
  • Branding Recommendations
  • Food & Beverage Operations
  • Aquatic Areas & Rides
  • Arcades / Retail Outlets & Attractions
  • Other Ancillary Guest Experience Areas
  • Back of House Areas
  • Life Safety & Security
  • Energy Management & Profitability

This needs to be put under consideration when the project is in the pre-planning phase.

During the pre-development phase, there is a need of:

  • Timeline Development
  • Reviewing Construction Progress
  • Recruiting Senior Management
  • Developing Business Plan / Budgets
  • Establishing Financial Standards
  • FF&E Procurement
  • Developing Human Resources Policies & Training
  • Establishing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Setting Financial Controls
  • Developing Quality Assurance Programs
  • Insurance Negotiations

For Post Opening Monitoring & Project Management, it is required to provide the necessary onsite supervision for successful operations through oversight & assistance in:

  • Receiving & Installing Operational Supplies & Equipment
  • Site Inspections & Quality Assurance Monitoring
  • Implementation of Quality Assurance Program
  • Financial Report Monitoring & Expense Monitoring & Controls
  • Yield & Rate Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Routine Audits
  • Pre-Opening Commission & Start-Up Testing
  • Grand Opening Planning
  • Optimization of Performance
  • Implementation of Standard Procedures
  • Large Scale Hiring & Training

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