COTHM has general minimum entry requirements which all students must meet before they register with us.

At the point of registration onto the first year of a degree, we require you to complete Intermediate / A –Level.

Program Info

Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management provides students with an understanding of the managerial, decision-making and leadership aspects of the hospitality industry. In addition, it is also designed to develop independent research and study skills required for students when working at senior managerial level in the industry.

Therefore, the Level 5 Advanced Diploma is an excellent preparation for either entry to the workplace or as a springboard into the final year of a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality.

About CTH-UK

The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) is one of the UK’s leading professional membership and awarding body for qualifications in the fastest growing commercial sector worldwide. The CTH was established in 1982 to provide recognized standards of management training appropriate to the needs of the hotel and travel industries, via its syllabi, examinations and awards.

These have been continuously developed and improved to ensure they are relevant and up to date. This has been carried out under the careful scrutiny and supervision of experts in all aspects of the hotel, tourism and travel industries. CTH programs are well respected across the hospitality, tourism and travel industries. COTHM is one of CTH’s most widely established Center of Excellence for providing education and training in hospitality and tourism management

Course Objectives

The world of hospitality offers a wide range of exciting careers in businesses related to travel and tourism, hotels and food & beverage, and events and leisure. It is also one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic fields of employment with positive trends forecasted for the coming years. This program provides students with the crucial link between academia and the global hospitality industry.

This 18 Months diploma program will prepare students for entry-level management roles in any hospitality-related business. It features basic hotel management courses, hands-on supervisory experience in service and operations, and a professional internship in a hospitality related business.

Course Overview

This Level-6 Professional Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (PDHM) is a 3-Semester program. It is mandatory for the student to pass Semester 1, in order for them to enroll on to Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management from (CTH) UK. On Completion of Level 5, students will be progressed to Level 6 Professional Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management from (CTH) UK. This Program will prepare you for management level positions in the international hospitality, travel and tourism industry. It covers all major operational areas of management along with developing people skills in the students to equip them to get work ready.

 he curriculum has been designed with a view to imparting the knowledge, skills and abilities to the students which an employer expects from a hospitality graduate. It focuses on the practical implications of the cultural diversity while working in the industry in global context. This program leads you to further study of level 7 and later Master’s in Hospitality & Tourism Management through credit transfers.

Career Prospects

Completing a hospitality course from COTHM leads the graduates to further study pathways in the field of hospitality management . Our international office guides the pass outs as to pursuing their study in the renowned affiliated hotel schools in all regions of the world.

Complete Course Details

1HOT-103Hospitality & Tourism Today : An Introduction
2HOT-349Managing service in Food & Beverage Operations
3ACC-362Accounting for Hospitality & Tourism Managers
4MAR-472Managing Marketing & Sales for Hospitality & Tourism
5PRO-101Project I :Travel & Tourism Operations
6COM-101Computer Applications
7ENG-101Mastering Communication -I
8GPDP-101Global Professional Development
1UFTHUnderstanding Funding and Finance in Tourism and Hospitality
2SMTHIStrategic Marketing in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
3CITHIContemporary Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
4HRMTHIHuman Resource Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
5FBMFood and Beverage Management
6CRMTHICustomer Relationship Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
7FMTHIFacilities Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
8ENG-102Mastering Communication -II

Fee Details

PKR: 378,000/-

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