Intellectual curiosity is imperative for students, says VC Overseas Pakistani Commission Punjab

College of Tourism and Hotel Management was pleased to receive Mr. Waseem Ramey, Vice Chairman Overseas Pakistani commission Punjab at COTHM New Garden Town Campus, Lahore.

Mr. Waseem was very impressed by the whole setup and appreciated the dedication of the staff. He then met with the staff and students and discussed issues related to multidisciplinary exchanges and cooperation between government and private sectors.

While addressing a room packed with students, Mr Ramey discussed his leadership role within the commission and the culture he is currently trying to cultivate within the institution.

Waseem said he hopes to leave a legacy that will provide employees with the opportunity to make an impact on the country.

In addition, Mr Waeem Ramey emphasized the importance of ethics and integrity and how the daily ethical decisions that people come across distinguishes trust. He spoke highly of the college’s efforts as a testament to the fact that skills and education should foster innovation.

He also talked about being open to new career opportunities that one might not have planned for, adding that students should maintain an intellectual curiosity to truly understand the line of work they’re in.

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