Mr Usman Ashraf, CEO Hardees.

CEO, Founder COTHM Mr Ahmad Shafiq welcomed Mr Usman Ashraf, CEO Hardees, for a campus tour of the newly established facility of College of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Mr Ashraf visited the college to find out more about the COTHM’s distinctive programs. The program provides inmates the opportunity to learn a vocation through classroom and kitchen lessons that they can put into practice upon release.

He apprenticed the staff members who are working with industry-standard facilities to prepare the students for the world of work.

“They are truly outstanding people,” said Mr Ashraf, “I’m impressed that COTHM is looking for dynamic ways to move its students forward in all areas and I look forward to a wonderful relationship together.”

“To have someone of Mr. Ashraf stature and accomplishment take the time to visit means a great deal to the program staff and to the inmates enrolled,” said Mr Shafiq. “His presence served as a great motivator for both staff and students of our college.”

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