Qaiser Abbas think helping young people be resilient is important

COTHM Pakistan welcomed the world-renowned motivational speaker and author Qaiser Abbas for an interactive session and campus tour in New Garden Town Campus on Dec. 23, 2020.

The event catered to anybody who cared to attend and listen to the wonderful speaker, be it the youth or even a 70-year-old who could benefit from the pearls of wisdom scattered on that wonderful day. The speaker was Qaiser Abbas. Pakistan’s acclaimed motivational speaker and probably a pioneer of what he does in our country. And the author of International Best-seller Tick Tick Dollar.

He is committed to sharing successful strategies and leadership principles so more individuals maximize their true purpose. Qaiser chooses to take life in stride and make the best of every situation. He spreads the message “If I can” to the public.

While sharing the stories of his bumpy journey to the stardom he enjoys today, he asserted that if we inspire folks to be advocates for themselves and others they will have a greater chance at success. I think helping young people be resilient is important because we want them to know they are strong enough to continue to move forward in life. 

COTHM Pakistan enters into a partnership with Possibilities Private Limited to ensure the participants are fully equipped with leadership, decision making, team building, and conflict management skills.

The core of the corporate partnership between the two prestigious organizations builds on a long-term commitment from the business community and aims to strengthen the dialogue and relation between the two entities.

The cooperation between COTHM and the business industry is a strong, mutual relationship, based on a customized collaboration built on each company’s individual needs. The partnership will provide a friendly environment where you learn all about food alongside professional chefs who prepare you for the global workforce and the competitive food industry and emerge as a leader.

“Qaiser encourages his audiences to find value in the type of person they are, instead of what they have accomplished”, said Mr. Ahmad Shafiq, CEO & Founder COTHM Pakistan and Dubai while appreciating Abbas’ passion for making a positive difference in society.

The session is one of several events COTHM hosts for the capacity building of students throughout the year. These sessions are specifically designed as a holistic educational opportunity, whether it be through skills in leadership, life, or professional and personal development.

“We hope that this seminar builds on the foundation of a student’s current and future success,” concluded Mr. Ahmad Shafiq as Qaiser Abbas toured and appreciated the COTHM New Garden Town College.

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