Food and Beverages

Industries in the food and beverage subsector prepare meals, snacks, and beverages to customer order for immediate on-premises and off-premises consumption. There is a wide range of establishments in these industries. Some provide food and drink only; while others provide various combinations of seating space, waiter/waitress services and incidental amenities, such as limited entertainment. The industries in the subsector are grouped based on the type and level of services provided. The industry groups are full-service restaurants; limited-service eating places; special food services, such as food service contractors, caterers, and mobile food services; and drinking places.

The Role of Food and Beverage in Events

Food is an essential part of being human. People depend on food and do their best to get the best meal. Actually, our mood, physical state, health and even thoughts are associated with what, and how often, we eat. It’s generally agreed that when a person feels hunger, he or she gets more irritable and unhappy. The opposite is also true, in that being full makes a person feel happy and relaxed.

Reason #1. Food as a way to show hospitality

Since ancient times, the food was a sign of the hospitality of the homeowners. There were a few taverns or dining establishments in ancient times, and travelers often came by to the nearest houses. The hosts tried to express their respect to the traveler and welcomed him with the best dishes they could provide.

Nowadays, the situation is virtually the same. If we appreciate our guests, we try to offer them the best drinks and food. Food and events hospitality, are directly connected.

Reason #2. Food as an opportunity to make connections

Have you heard that many deals had originated from attending informal meals or dinners? Sharing a meal together is a good means of communication. This relates not only to the business sector but also to other areas of life. As a rule, we invite a person to enjoy a snack or beverage, to learn more about him/her. Many new connections are made in formal receptions and parties, which are accompanied with foods and drinks. It’s much easier to make connections when you share something in common.

Reason #3. Food as a way to brand your event

Any social event needs to be branded in order to entice attendees. There are many ways to attract visitors to your party, sports event or some other theme-based occasion. The availability of food at your event is your ace in the hole. People will be sure that they won’t get hungry at your event and will be more interested. Food will also encourage your visitors to stay longer because a satisfied guest is a happy guest. In short, your social event will stand out from other similar events if you provide snacks and drinks. It’s also a noteworthy new trend to use edible marketing to promote your event. Edible cups and chocolate flyers will send any guest into raptures.