A Survival Guide for Your Hotel Amid Pandemic

With a second national lockdown, it can be incredibly difficult to judge what next steps you should take for your hotel.

So, here we share our ultimate advice for your hotel or hospitality business to stay afloat under government restrictions.

Make your opening time public online

Ensure your online presence reflects your current status. It is therefore highly recommended to update your Google Business Listing to reflect your current opening hours, and which offerings are still available.

Retain your online presence

Don’t pause your online ads – this allows the OTAs to gain any bookings made during the lockdown period!

Instead, change your bidding method to increase the clicks in order to reach maximize audience. 

Place your message on your website loud and clear

Clearly indicate your status on your website. Use a banner or a link to your latest hotel Covid-19 information page. State which parts of the hotel are still open and which are closed (for instance, your restaurant might still be open, while your gym or pool is closed), and when you plan to open again.

Create a clear, bold message that you are planning to open from a particular date or as soon as possible afterward.

Answer your visitors’ questions before they even have to ask

Update your FAQ page with the latest information regarding cancellations, rescheduling, and bookings.

Don’t put yourself at ease

Analyze your typical booking window, and plan to ramp up your marketing activities so that guests can book from the date that you reopen.